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Solar Panel Fitters Sandy

Finding approved solar installers in Sandy Bedfordshire is easy thanks to thepanelspecialists. The professional and friendly team help businesses and homeowners throughout the UK with solar panel installation.

The key benefits of installing solar panels in Sandy at your property are:

• High return on investment - annual tax free income for 20 years
• Large reduction in electricity bills - up to 50% (
• Environmentally friendly - zero carbon emissions
• Minimal maintenance

The solar panel installers in Sandy will provide extensive information and advice regarding solar panel installation - a precise and customer focused approach help ensure work is of a high standard and that you receive returns on your investment.

If you are interested in installing solar panels in Sandy at your home or business just fill out the online enquiry form for an estimate by telephone or email during business hours.

Solar panel installers Sandy

Sandy Solar Installers

Solar panel installers Sandy

We get you in touch with Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) approved installers who are fully trained to work on homes and businesses nationwide.

They use high grade solar PV panels and inverters which are eligible for the government (FITs) scheme.

Important information regarding solar PV panels

Before considering installation at any property in Sandy, you should understand these key points regarding solar PV panels:

professional solar panel installers in Sandy will provide you with a detailed estimate of the potential savings and cost of installing solar panels.

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Whether you would like a property survey, further information or a no obligation estimate for solar panel installation, the team aim to help.

Just send an enquiry with the online form on the left and the experienced team shall respond during working hours.


How much do solar panels cost in Sandy?

A survey of your home or business in Sandy is required to see if solar panels can be fitted.

You must have a south facing roof to receive the benefits of a solar panel installation. Each quote given by the team is based upon a number of factors which include:

• Roof facing
• Angle of the roof
• Is your roof structurally sound
• The energy efficiency rating of the property
• Space for an inverter

The solar panel installers in Sandy will take all these factors into consideration. You thus get a clear understanding of the cost and benefit of solar panel installations.

Is getting cheap solar PV panels in Sandy a good idea?

It is true that the price of solar panels has significantly fallen over the years due to a number of factors including new suppliers, technologies and manufacturing methods.

However like all industries you pay for what you get. Solar panel companies offering the cheapest or lowest priced solar panel quotes are associated with poor workmanship and solar panels made from inferior materials.

The solar panel installers in Sandy that we connect you with will only supply and fit high quality solar PV panels and all work will be covered by a warranty. Any work to the roof of your property should only be carried out by professionals.

Does the UK have enough sunlight for solar panels to work?

The solar PV panels installed in Sandy are designed for Northern Europe.

Take into the fact that its sunlight rather than heat which generates energy and mild European climates are in fact ideal.

It is a common misconception that solar panels do not work in cloudy conditions - in fact they do just at a reduced rate.

In fact the world record holder for solar panel technology, adoption and generation is Germany which has a cloudy and mild climate (source: CleanTechnica)